Needle & Salt – The Newest Country-Duo Of Switzerland

Mr. Schnyder (Needle)

The needle, quite certainly the tailor’s most important tool! Rolf has ‘stitched’ together numerous songs, working with text writers from all over the world. Many of these songs have been published. Again and again Rolf’s songs are ‘on top’ at international songwriter competitions, as in 2006 when he won the ‘Lennon Award’ and in 2014 the ‘Australian Songwriter Contest’.

Mr. Salzmann (Salt)

Amongst all precious stones the earth presents to us, salt is the most valuable” (Justus von Liebig, Chemist, 1803-1873). Strong, clean cut and with a sparkle, that’s how Fredy’s voice comes along. No matter if it’s a traditional or a modern country song, Fredy adjusts and knows exactly just how much salt is needed to make the ‘soup’ taste delicious!


Fränggi Bellwalder, Rolf Schnyder, Fredy Salzmann, Thommy Ambiel, Liam Schnyder